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Avapro may result in severe (potentially deadly) harm to an unborn infant if taken while pregnant. It is vital to avoid pregnancy when on this treatment. Speak with your healthcare provider for further guidance on utilizing trustworthy birth control methods during this treatment. Contact your doctor right away if you are considering pregnancy, have conceived, or suspect a possible pregnancy.


Irbesartan is utilized for managing hypertension (high blood pressure) and for safeguarding the kidneys against diabetes-related damage. Lowering high blood pressure helps reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and kidney issues. Irbesartan is classified as an angiotensin receptor blocker. It functions by easing blood vessels to facilitate smoother blood flow.


The information provided in this segment pertains to alternative uses of Avapro which are not included in the official guidelines for medical professionals. It is imperative that you only utilize this medication for a specific condition if it has been specifically recommended by your healthcare provider. Furthermore, this drug could potentially be utilized in the management of cardiac insufficiency.


Consume this prescribed medication orally in accordance with the instructions given by your physician, typically taken once per day either with or without food. The prescribed dosage is contingent on your individual medical condition and how you respond to the treatment.

Adhere to a regular schedule with this medicine to maximize its advantages. Consistently take it at the same hour daily to aid in recalling. Sticking to this treatment is crucial even if you're feeling in good health. Many individuals with elevated blood pressure do not experience any symptoms. Notify your physician if there is no improvement in your condition or if it deteriorates (such as a rise in blood pressure levels).


Feelings of dizziness, faintness, or discomfort in the stomach may manifest as your body adapts to Avapro. Should any of these effects endure or exacerbate, promptly inform your doctor or pharmacist.

In order to minimize the chances of feeling dizzy or light-headed, it is advisable to gradually stand up when transitioning from a seated or lying position. It's important to keep in mind that your healthcare provider has prescribed this medicine because they have determined that the benefits outweigh the potential side effects. Most individuals who use this medication do not experience severe side effects. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of these rare but serious side effects: passing out, indications of elevated blood potassium levels (like muscle weakness, slow/irregular heartbeat), unusual reduction in urine output.

It is highly uncommon to experience a severe allergic response to this medication. In the case that you observe any signs of a significant allergic reaction, such as redness, hives, or swelling (particularly in the facial region, tongue, or throat), intense lightheadedness, or difficulty breathing, seek urgent medical assistance. The above does not encompass all potential adverse reactions.


Inform your healthcare provider or pharmacist if you have a sensitivity to irbesartan or any other allergies. This product may consist of inactive substances that could lead to allergic responses or additional complications.

Consult with your local chemist to gain further insights. It is important to inform your physician or chemist about your medical background prior to taking this remedy, specifically if you have a history of renal insufficiency, hepatic dysfunction, or significant reduction in bodily fluids and minerals (fluid depletion, desiccation). This medication might induce dizziness. Avoid operating vehicles, machinery, or engaging in any activities that demand keen attentiveness until you are confident in your ability to carry out such tasks safely.


Make reference to the How to Administer and Safety Precautions segments for additional information. The integration of various drugs may alter the effectiveness of your treatment or elevate the likelihood of encountering severe adverse reactions.

This file does not cover every conceivable interaction with medications. Ensure you maintain a record of every item you ingest (including prescribed and over-the-counter drugs as well as natural remedies) and disclose it to your healthcare provider and pharmacist. Refrain from commencing, ceasing, or adjusting the amount of any medications without the consent of your physician. Specific substances that could interfere with this medication are: aliskiren, lithium. Scrutinize the packaging of all your medications (for instance, products for colds, weight loss aids, or NSAIDs like ibuprofen, naproxen) as they might contain components that have the potential to boost your blood pressure or exacerbate your heart condition.

Consult your local apothecary for further information.

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